Ever Had Trouble Removing Snow from the roof of a Tall Vehicle?

Vans, trucks, frack tanks and buses all get loaded with snow. Do you let it sit only to be blown off while driving, or do you try to remove it? Learn how removal can be super simple in this post.

As beautiful as snow is, it causes a number of safety and logistical issues for businesses, schools, and drivers.

When snow comes flying off the roof of a large vehicle, , it can practically blind the drivers behind it. This can lead to a massive pile-up on the freeway, and perhaps the deaths of other drivers.

Do you want your company or organization associated with an accident caused by flying snow?

If you fail to remove snow from your fleet’s roofs, some states on the East Coast give you a hefty fine of $250 – $1500. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, and Connecticut have laws in place forcing you to remove it.

While of course the fines would be obnoxious, the real issue is everyone else’s safety. That includes the safety of your employees, who would otherwise have to climb your vehicles to brush them off.

So how do you remove snow from the tops of your vehicle fleet?

That’s Where DuraSweeper Comes In!

It’s actually a pretty simple device. A 32-inch poly wafer brush mounted on an axle and held up by 2 up rights quickly sweeps the snow right off the roofs of your vehicles.

Check out the video below to see how it works:

And the really cool thing is you don’t just have to limit its use to snow. You can also use DuraSweeper to remove:

  • Plastic
  • Quarry dust
  • Salt
  • Grass

You can also quickly and easily clean debris off of wooden flatbed trucks.

You never have to worry about DuraSweeper damaging the roofs of your vehicles or any protruding objects like hatches, lights, or stacks

And some of the other benefits you get include:

  • Reduced liability
  • Potentially lower insurance premiums
  • Avoiding the negative publicity that happens if you cause an accident
  • Building your image as a company concerned with the safety of the general public

If it snows a lot in your area, or if you think DuraSweeper can help you remove any of the types of debris above, it’s just what your company needs.

Learn more about DuraSweeper.

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