Easier to Move Aluminum Dock Boards

We heard from many of you that you wanted this option.

We developed a series of aluminum dock boards with casters .  These are available as an option for our aluminum dock boards up to 60 inches in width and 48 inches in length.

Check out the video to see the new dock board in action.

Another way to stay cool – Think Snow!


We may be in the thick of a heat wave, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the winter months and how to deal with the snow. We developed and introduced the Durasweeper®, designed to take snow and debris off the top of a vehicle roof before it gets on the road. Our unique, patent-pending, brush mechanism protects the driver from harm when removing the snow, and it clears the snow without damaging the body of your vehicle. Watch the video below to see our Durasweeper in action.

Snow causes transportation issues including accumulation of snow on the top of fleet vehicles  This causes a multitude of safety and cost issues with large fleets.  Snow can become:

  • Unsafe to clear – most existing snow removal equipment involves workers in the snow
  • Costly – overtime and workman compensation accidents add up quickly
  • Tragic – snow becomes flying debris when snow-covered fleets enter roadways causing accidents and in many states, creating law enforcement issues.

Looking for a better way to help your customers with these issues?  Give us a call to help “Remove Snow Before They Go” .  If you have any questions or would like to speak to a representative, please contact Jae Bills at 800-433-2212 or send an email.

Ways to Keep Cool this Summer

Ice Cream






Summer is officially here!  Lucky for us, July was National Ice Cream Month! At Bluff, we celebrate by trying to stay cool in the Texas heat and ice cream is a perfect way.  In 1984 July was recognized as National Ice Cream Month – now you have a reason to celebrate and indulge your sweet tooth. Another way we stay cool is by spending time with the flurry of calls about snow!

The Voice of Bluff Makes A Deal

Deviled Eggs

If you have ever called Bluff’s office you have probably been greeted by our Front

Office Manager (and much more!), Kellie Villanueva (on the left).

Answering almost every call that comes into Bluff is just one of her many duties.  Kellie has been with the company for 11 years.  Her commitment to our customers and all of Bluff is incredible.

Last month, while taking some hard earned time off, she traveled to California with her sister.  For years, they have been planning this trip to see Let’s Make a Deal. They were in the audience for taping and had a great time. She didn’t get on stage, but she and her sister are the best looking Deviled Eggs we have seen 🙂

Bluff Safety Line

Bluff offers a wide range of safety equipment that can help reduce the costs associated with employee injury, machinery down-time, insurance claims and building repairs due to accidental collisions.  A few of the items we offer are door guards, tough guards and rack guards.

Door GuardDoor Guard

Door guards help protect overhead door tracks from damage.  The chamfered edge helps reduce the risk of hand injury when lowering the door.  It anchors to both the wall and floor and projects 6 inches from the wall.  The door guard comes in safety powder coated yellow.



Guard Rail

Bluff’s Tuff Guard, one of our Guard Rail products, protects personnel, machinery, building structures, in-plant offices, aisle ways, electrical panels, tool cribs, conveyors, finished products, receiving docks, cooling equipment, and parking areas. It is designed to improve plant safety and efficiency.  Tuff Guard can be installed in minutes with a concrete drill and ordinary hand tools.  Bluff Tuff Guard offers protection rated for 10,000 pounds at 6 mph.


Rack Guard

Rack Guard is a simple and cost effective way to absorb forklift truck impact that can damage pallet rack uprights and valuable product. Bluff Manufacturing’s rack guard adds a bright color warning to row ends or aisles. Rack Guards have a heavy duty design and are bolted to the floor for extra stability.


All of the Bluff Safety Products are powder coated in safety yellow.  Orange, Blue and Black are available at no additional charge.  For a brochure of our safety products, click here.