Swinging for a Bluff Gate

A swing gate is an option that can be added to one of our mezzanines. Swing gates are mounted to the edge of a mezzanine structure to allow access for pallets or material from the ground.

What things should you consider before purchasing a swing gate? Consider the width of material that will pass through the gate and if will you need a drop plate to protect the decking at the gate opening. A key benefit of a swing gate is that it allows personnel a safe and efficient location to receive product from ground level.  Our Swing Gates come standard in powder coated safety yellow.

To learn more about our swing gates, call us at 800-433-2212 and ask for Cindy Holybee or Teresa Mozisek.

National Safety Month

National Safety Month

June was National Safety Month.  According to the government, workplace injuries are a leading cause of disability in all ages.  Here at Bluff we have a deep commitment to keeping our customers safe and providing OSHA compliant products.

In addition to manufacturing products with safety in mind, we have an ongoing pursuit to keep Bluff employees safe.  As part of this, we have a monthly safety luncheon with a key topic each month among other programs.

What do you do for safety?  Let us know here and we will feature you in another newsletter.

Bluff. Accept no Substitutes

We want to thank you for many successful years of valued partnership. Please be assured that the company you have known as Bluff Manufacturing continues on as Bluff Manufacturing in Fort Worth, Texas. As always, we remain eager and prepared to provide you with the proven high quality products, fast delivery and excellent service you have come to rely on for almost 50 years.

We are at your service. Accept no substitutes. 

Introducing the BCC – The Bluff Cares Crew

Bluff Cares Crew

Bluff has started a new program called the BLUFF CARES CREW. The purpose of this group is to give back to our community through acts of service. Our first official event is in September.

At Bluff, we believe in making a difference in our community. We hope to inspire our employees and those around us to help those less fortunate. Our Steel Structures sales executive, Cindy Holybee, is heading up the crew. Cindy, along with the rest of BBC, are looking forward to making a difference in our community.

Bluff Heart Logo

Conveyor Crossover

What is a Conveyor Crossover?

A conveyor crossover is a specifically designed product that allows personnel to safely cross over active conveyors at designated locations. A crossover provides an increase in worker safety and can dramatically enhance the efficiency of workflow.

Bluff Crossover – Longest Span and Fully Customizable 

Bluff conveyor crossovers are customized to each application and uniquely designed with your specific application needs in mind. This provides yourcrossover customers with the access they need where they want it.

Bluff offers the longest unsupported span in the industry. We can span 16 ft without a leg in between with a stair or a ladder on each end of the crossover. Bluff’s welded steel construction provides a longer life cycle and reduces maintenance costs. Bluff crossovers can be used in indoor and outdoor applications.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing 

When discussing a conveyor crossover, take into consideration the height, length and width of the conveyor. Also, consider how much space is needed for exiting the crossover. You will want to leave yourself a sufficient amount of space to determine whether you need a vertical ladder, ships ladder or OSHA stairway.

To request a quote or inquire about this product, please contact our Steel Structures Department  at 1-800-433-2212 and ask for Cindy Holybee or Teresa Mozisek.

Supporting Your Spanish Speaking Customers

We have seen increasing interest from our customers who have a Spanish speaking audience.  To support you in this area, we have created bilingual support.

  • Daisy Ramirez is a bilingual part of of our Sales Support team.  She is available for any questions, in English or Spanish, from you or your customers.
  • Spanish Language Brochure.  We have translated our full product catalog into Spanish.  To print them for your office, click on this link.

Hasta Luego!