Introducing the Bluff Prisoner Bench

Bluff bench

Did you know that Bluff manufactures prisoner benches?

The Bluff Prisoner Restraint Benches were developed with a retired New York Police Lieutenant. The bench is customizable and comes with multiple options (color, size and design).  Each bench comes with handcuffs.  These benches are sold to Court Systems, Police Departments, Universities, retail establishments, and anywhere else that provides temporary holding of detainees.

Some of the features are:

·  Sturdy – manufactured of all-welded steel

·  Secure – bolt to the floor with provided hardware

·  Easy to assemble – Bolt together design with all mounting hardware included

·  Long lasting – frame and slats manufactured to withstand years of use

For more information on our prisoner restraint benches, call one of our representatives at 800-433-2212 or click  here to visit our website or here for our sell sheet.


The Voice of Bluff Makes A Deal

Deviled Eggs

If you have ever called Bluff’s office you have probably been greeted by our Front

Office Manager (and much more!), Kellie Villanueva (on the left).

Answering almost every call that comes into Bluff is just one of her many duties.  Kellie has been with the company for 11 years.  Her commitment to our customers and all of Bluff is incredible.

Last month, while taking some hard earned time off, she traveled to California with her sister.  For years, they have been planning this trip to see Let’s Make a Deal. They were in the audience for taping and had a great time. She didn’t get on stage, but she and her sister are the best looking Deviled Eggs we have seen 🙂

Swinging for a Bluff Gate

A swing gate is an option that can be added to one of our mezzanines. Swing gates are mounted to the edge of a mezzanine structure to allow access for pallets or material from the ground.

What things should you consider before purchasing a swing gate? Consider the width of material that will pass through the gate and if will you need a drop plate to protect the decking at the gate opening. A key benefit of a swing gate is that it allows personnel a safe and efficient location to receive product from ground level.  Our Swing Gates come standard in powder coated safety yellow.

To learn more about our swing gates, call us at 800-433-2212 and ask for Cindy Holybee or Teresa Mozisek.

MHEDA Recap: 3 Tips To Protect Yourself Online

MHEDA Session Recap: Identity Theft is a Growing Problem.
Protect Yourself.

Computer crime concept.

The MHEDA National Convention this year had a great session on protecting yourself from identity theft. This has become a major issue in recent years. According to the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, identity theft has cost Americans upwards of 15 billion dollars per year!

One of the most prevalent forms of identity theft scams is phishing. Phishing scams can affect individuals at home AND in the workplace. Phishing is when hackers use fake websites and email to try to steal your personal data, especially passwords and credit card information. There are ways to protect yourself from this growing problem, so you don’t become the next victim.

3 Tips:
1. Be wary of e-mails asking for confidential information especially if they are asking for financial information. E-mails reminding you to update your account, requesting you to send a wire transfer, or alerting you about a failed transaction will certainly get your attention, however, the hackers count on the urgency of the message to compel you to give up sensitive information.

2. Be careful what you click. Most fraudulent e-mails will have some sort of link for you to click on. If you aren’t 100% certain of the sender’s authenticity, don’t click on attachments or embedded links; both are likely to result in malware being installed.

3. Stay up to date and maintain effective software to combat phishing. Reliable anti-virus software should also automatically detect and block fake websites. It should also authenticate major and legitimate banking and shopping websites.

What Else is Cooking?

MHEDA Passion


Bluff will be in Booth 112 at the MHEDA Convention this year. We are looking forward to seeing you there.This year’s theme is Passion With Purpose and will be held in Maryland. Our Passion? Quality, Speed and Providing Solutions. For more information about the conference, click here.
Exhibiting at Other Conferences?
Are you exhibiting at a conference and talking about Bluff products? We are here to assist with any questions about products that you may have and see how we might help you exhibit. Email us or call our team today…