Report Debunks Myth that America is Drowning in Debt

A new report from Capital Economics shows that America has more assets than debt.
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Bluff Manufacturing’s Spring Loaded Dock Plate

A PATENTLY Clear Solution to Your Material Handling Challenges

Bluff Manufacturing is pleased to announce the receipt of a USPTO Patent on our Spring Loaded (SL) Aluminum Dock Plate.  Bluff is truly innovative in its problem solving and provides a patently clear solution to your unique material handling challenges!

If your docks are frequently serviced by fleets of comparable vehicles and if the materials are loaded or unloaded by hand truck, dolly or other manual methods, your application is the perfect candidate for Bluff’s  Spring Loaded (SL) Dock Plate.  The SL Plate’s differentiating feature is its ability to be easily secured to the top of your dock, stored vertically and immediately available for use without the hassles of retrieval and/or placement. 

Increase the operational efficiency and safety of your dock with a plate that is always in place and is always ready to use:

  • Reduce downtime in hunting for “misplaced” plate
  • Avoid  board damage from improper placement and retrieval
  • Enhance  dock safety by protecting against dock run off
  • Increase efficiency


Fitted with a pair of spring loaded attachments, the diamond deck aluminum SL Plate can be lifted using less than 5 pounds of pressure and raised to the vertical position for storage.  SL Plates are custom built for your unique dock needs taking into account plate size, bend specifications and spring weight.  Call our helpful Customer Service now to receive a quick quote at 800.433.2212!

SL Plate with non-skid tape and hinge covers

Is it turkey time already?

A nice, long, restful weekend awaits us! Whether you are spending it with family and friends carving up a deliciously cooked bird, or hiking through the rain forests in Costa Rica, or spending it at home just relaxing, catching up on personal projects or reading a good book, this is a much welcome break! A break away from business and the daily grind to spend time with family, friends, or even a little “me-time” to enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer. And the best part is, it’s a time we can give thanks for a much-deserved break! One that is hard earned for the work put in throughout the year!

So before I shut down, unwind, and prepare for the long weekend, I would like to say “Thank you” to all our wonderful distributors, associates, employees, and customers! We are truly grateful for the opportunity to work with you. We’ve had a great year and we couldn’t have done it without you! Bluff Manufacturing wishes you a restful, safe, and fun-filled weekend. We hope you enjoy the time off with your friends, family, and good food!

Talking of good food, here’s a great Thanksgiving recipe from for any holiday potluck – Emerilized Green Bean Casserole – a new twist on a traditional side dish. This is an intermediate level, 4-star recipe from the man himself – Emeril Lagasse! Happy Holidays and let no calorie go unconsumed! What are you doing this Thanksgiving weekend? Tell us your plans… we’d love to hear them!

Manufacturing News, October 2011

Even though the economy remains “sluggish” at best, Bluff Manufacturing can’t really complain. We’ve had a good year so far and look to continuing that upward trend in the last quarter of 2011.

At Bluff Manufacturing, we have been able to report good, strong growth especially in these times. There are constant fears driven by concerns over the still-slow-moving economy, political & policy uncertainty in Washington, and the ongoing unemployment crisis. In spite or these woes, the American Manufacturing Sector is still moving in an encouraging direction. And so are companies like Bluff Manufacturing. Bluff continues to maintain it’s positive trends as we continue to meet the needs of our customers and we continue to add more people to our team.

Steel and aluminum prices might increase in the 4th quarter as the price of raw materials increase putting a slight damper on manufacturing. But according to the October 2011 Manufacturing ISM (Institute of Supply Management) Report On Business, economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in October, 2011 for the 27th consecutive month, and the overall economy grew for the 29th consecutive month. Out of the 18 manufacturing industries, 8 have reported growth in October 2011: Computer & Electronic Products, Petroleum & Coal Products, Food, Beverage & Tobacco Products, Nonmetallic Mineral Products, Primary Metals, Fabricated Metal Products, Paper Products; and Machinery. The five manufacturing industries reporting growth in new export orders in October are: Plastics & Rubber Products, Fabricated Metal Products, Miscellaneous Manufacturing, Computer & Electronic Products, and Chemical Products.

Another recent development to consider is the growth in aircraft manufacturing. With airlines always looking for ways to reduce overhead costs, manufacturing has received a lot of attention from the c-level executives looking to reduce fuel consumption by manufacturing sleeker and slimmer-bodied aircrafts. Increase in the order of such airplanes equals increase in aluminum production. Therefore, the lead-time for manufacturing aluminum has also increased.

In the Fabricated Metal Products industry, the general consensus among survey takers was that “Business is very strong, both domestically and internationally.” Clearly, the Fabricated Metal Industry has come out a strong winner this year. We are truly grateful for that. As we continue to watch industry trends, we are confident we can keep up the positive growth trend at Bluff in the remaining two months of 2011.

Tune back in, and we’ll keep you updated for more manufacturing news.


Networking at WERC

One among the many reasons why Bluff Manufacturing has been faring well in a still slow-moving economy is our commitment to networking and maintaining our presence at the many events and tradeshows around the country.

Networking has always been at the heart of Bluff’s business. It is Bluff’s loyal association of partners and distributors that are the driving force behind our success. Our network connects our customers with our products. At this year’s WERCouncil show, Bluff was represented by Sid and Cindy – two of Bluff’s best. With over 40 exhibitors and nearly 200 attendees, the 10th annual North Texas WERCouncil show (Warehousing Resource Council) on 12th October 2011 in Grapevine, TX was a great success for Bluff Manufacturing. Like all good shows with great attendance, WERC brings us face to face with our network – our distribution partners, customers, and even our competitors. Attendees included Operations Managers, Process Improvement Specialists, Warehouse & Distribution Managers and Engineers looking for new technologies, products and services.  Bluff’s safety products (crash guard, rack guard, door guard) received a lot of attention.  The WERC gave us the opportunity to update our distributors, on new Bluff products, and learn how we can better meet their needs and the needs of their customers.

Sid and Cindy not only met up with old friends – but also made new ones. Some of our distributors learned about our mezzanine products for the first time and were excited at the prospect of offering it to their customers. The Bluff representatives also met new distributors who were enthusiastic to meet with them and learn about Bluff’s offerings.

Not only did we meet our distributors, but we also made a few new connections. Meeting the users of our products allows us to develop better solutions to their challenges and helps us to understand which of our distribution partners they would be best partnered with to purchase Bluff products. Bluff also discovered many new opportunities. Meeting several attendees that were working at major companies, Sid and Cindy learned that these attendees had been given the green signal to proceed with projects that had earlier been put on hold.

For instance, one company was looking for a solution to protect their racks from damages that could rack up significant repair expenses. Investing in protecting their assets made more sense than spending on costly repairs. Another company required a crash guard to protect a long aisle that had heavy forklift traffic. A major communications company had a problem on route deliveries because their customers did not have dock plates to facilitate unloading. They wanted to provide their delivery personnel with dock plates on the trucks but had not found one light enough for their employees to safely use.  When they saw the variety of solutions that Bluff has to offer and learned that we could design custom solutions, they were immediately interested in talking to Sid and learning more about Bluff. The Bluff team looks forward to working with these companies through our dealer network and outfitting them with unique solutions that solve all their docking and material handling problems.

The show’s highlight was the ingenious use of our mini-mezzanine, which we use to promote mezzanine products at different events. But at the WERCouncil show, the Convention Center dock door was too small to let our mezzanine pass through. So the Bluff team used their resourcefulness and with the approval of the event organizers, set up the demo-mezzanine outside of the main entrance. What better place to demo our not-so-mini-mezzanine than the show entrance? Who could miss a greeting banner hanging from our mezzanine asking guests to “Come up to Bluff”? Hope to see you at the next WERCouncil Show!