Big Questions – No Answers

Just a fun post.  During lunch today I was following some “rabbit trails” and came accross Answers to 42 of Lifes Largest Questions.

The above link is to Wired Magazine which I sometimes read in print form.  It poses several of lifes great mysteries.  You will be hard pressed to find any answers.  We sometimes answer with FACT that is later proved wrong.  I call that “Current Wisdom”.

Current Wisdom makes me slow to buy into life changing understandings.

Have Fun

It’s Sunday night….

It’s sunday night and most of us have been in our family mode for the last four days.   Thursday was Thanksgiving and in Texas this year it was 75 degrees and bright sunshine.  My brother-in-law David fried a turkey right before my eyes.  I let that be my job this year while everyone else was scurrying around…I watched the turkey fry.

If the oil is 375 degrees it requires about 45 mins. to cook a turkey that is a little larger than a football to perfection.  The most acceptable receptical for a just cooked bird seems to be the cardboard bottom from a emptied case of beer.  Lying on the grass no one cares if some of the grease drains on to the ground so it seems a perfect mission for someone like me to shread the turkey.  The good news is that the grease in the skin cools quickly and the crisp salty skin is delicious.  The bad news is that deeper in the flesh it stays hot longer.  That is, in part, why I am just now writing this.

As we head back to work tomorrow I hope we all remember …. we live in the greatest country in the world at exactly the right time.  Our country, like ourselves, has short comings.  But we and the good ol USA can rise to the challenges.  My hope for you is that you can see your part in all this and that you act … for all our sakes.

Happy Thanksgiving


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The immediate customer is most often the “dealer” who adds value to these transactions by becoming and being an expert on things related to the dock.  A large part of the purpose for these pages is to help dealers train new employees and bring existing employees current. Many of the posts here will be specifically pointed at the training initiative.

The most current product listing will be at Products include dock boards, dock plates, edge of dock leveler, loading ramps of all types … yard ramps (mobile loading ramps) and truck wheel risers.  These products are offered in steel and aluminum except for the yard ramps and edge of dock levelers and they are available in steel only. Other products include our Crash Guard line of protective railing (inplant safety rail) steel work platforms (portable docks) and in 2009 …dock bumpers, wheel chocks, curb ramps…a new mini yard ramp…a steel dockboard designed specifically for loading and unloading containers on the ground (our container ramp).  In Feb of 2009 we will announce the Bluff Jack…a 5,500# capacity pallet jack.







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