Keep the Pressure Off With Pipe and Hose Crossover Ramps

Many industrial and construction job sites, whatever their primary task is, will have one thing in common; they will need conduit running here and there. Many times that conduit will lead across roadways and other places where heavy equipment is sure to have to roll. The sudden pressure of a heavy rig rolling over a high-pressure hose can lead to catastrophic results, while PVC piping is sure to disintegrate beneath the weight of even a forklift.

Pipe and hose crossover ramps can alleviate those dangerous hiccups in a well-traveled path. By providing a smooth transition for wheels of all sorts, from forklifts to Freightliners, pneumatic to solid, productivity can carry on without worrying about losing a load to a bump in the road. Built to handle various ranges of pipe and hose sizes, many are sturdy enough to handle even the heaviest vehicle traffic. This means that valuable conduits can be laid across a road with no fears of an interrupted flow.

The sturdiest ramps are made of steel, though some ramps are made from a good, durable rubber or aluminum. Our steel ramps are built to protect conduits up to 12 inches in diameter and can withstand up to 160,000 pounds of pressure. They can even be custom made for your particular job site’s requirements. Coming in sections, they are designed to be portable as well.

Contact us for a complete listing of crossover ramps and other industrial, construction, or warehouse needs. Whatever you need, Bluff Manufacturing is sure to be able to provide durable, well built answers.

Bakken Oil Workers & Oil Service Expo

Bluff Manufacturing recently exhibited at the Bakken Oil Workers & Oil Service Expo in Expo Minot, North Dakota from August 20th-22nd.

The Bakken Oil Workers & Oil Service Expo brought together oil companies, oil products and service suppliers, and supporting business. This show included vendors presenting products and services of particular interest to oil workers. Businesses and services related to community growth and infrastructure support were also a part of this event.

The show was a success for both the Bluff Manufacturing sales team and the product team. They were able to meet and talk with different branches of the oil field industry. This gave us an insight to the field challenges and product needs in Bakken, and the product solutions that Bluff can offer to the oil and gas industry. Having a member of the production staff at the show gave them prospective enhanced our perspective on how to take Bluff’s core product and modify it to fit the needs of the oil industry as well as possible future product development.

Learn more about Bluff Manufacturing’s fracking hose ramp for the oil & gas industry on our website.

Material Handling and Storage for Growing Oil and Gas Industry

While there are no recession-proof markets, there are always markets that are expected to stay strong. One of the markets predicted to remain exceptionally strong and grow is the oil and gas industry, according to Alan Beaulieu, economist and president of Trend Research. In fact, MarketLine Research projects that the U.S. oil and gas industry is expected to grow at a 7% compounded annual growth rate through 2015.

What does this mean for the material handling and warehousing industry? Since all oil and gas must be transported and or stored, there is and will continue to be a growing market for material handling and warehousing equipment for this industry segment.

What type of oil and gas companies should you be targeting with material handling and warehousing equipment? While the list is quite lengthy, here are a few segments of the industry to consider: distributors, refineries, drilling companies, oil field service companies, hydraulic fracturing companies, gasoline and motor oil companies gas, as well as specialty gas, welding and safety supply companies.

What material handling products are needed? Since all oil and gas needs to be transported and distributed, many or all of the following material handling products are also needed: dock boards and plates, yard ramps, portable steel platforms, and edge of dock levelers. There are also industry specific products like fracking ramps (for fracturing sites) or AWL and AWC plates, which are designed for the safe transport and distribution of specialty gases on and off pallets.

Oil and gas companies will also have warehouse needs, providing sales opportunities for stairs, ladders, landings, mezzanines, and cantilever racks. In addition, with the dangers involved in storing and handling liquid and gas fuel there is definitely a need for warehouse safety products like safety barriers, machine guards, post protectors, rack guards, bollards, and modular post protectors.

Since most of Bluff’s products are ANSI, OSHA or IBC tested to insure optimal safety, many of our products are perfect for the handling and storage of gas and oil because of the dangers involved and the stringent safety guidelines. Similarly, all Bluff products are manufactured at our plant in America meeting high-quality standards, whereas many other material handling and warehousing products are manufactured in other countries.

Be sure to capture your share of this rapidly growing market! If you would like more information on material handling and warehousing products for the oil and gas industry, contact us at 800-433-2212.