Get Your Customers Out of a Tight Situation

Our distributors have reached out to us with a variety of application requests for cantilever racks.

  • Large spools of wire
  • Drill bits for oil & gas rigs
  • Steel stock material
  • Heavy duty pipe stock

Case Study: 

We got a call from Doug Hutchins with WW Cannon here in Dallas.  He had a customer that needed to stack long pipes in a strange fit area in their warehouse. The PVC pipe pictured below isn’t particularly heavy, but this cantilever had a TIGHT fit.  With just inches of clearance, this cantilever needed to be exact.

We designed a highly customized unit based on criteria provided by Doug.   After a success and easy installation, Doug sent us a note saying, “happy customer…thanks!” We love hearing these success stories.

Why Choose a Cantilever Rack over a Conventional Pallet Rack System?

Cantilever racks work well for orderly storage of large, bulky items with a wide range of lengths and sizes. Cantilever rack systems extend outward from a single column, while pallet racks typically have front columns. Because they are not restricted by front columns, cantilever racks provide full horizontal access with no lost storage space due to rack structure. There is more handling clearance than on pallet rack systems. This easy access increases efficiency and minimizes potential damage often caused by horizontal or vertical obstructions.

Move Up Not Out

We are hearing it across the country – with the turn-around in the economy, warehouse space is coming at a higher premium.
According to Cushman & Wakefield’s ) North American Industrial Real Estate Forecast 2015-2017, the warehouse sector has had 19 consecutive quarters of declining vacancies. While significant construction is starting to happen, rents are still projected to increase 10% over the next 3 years. OUCH.
You are likely already hearing this with your customers and providing them with material handling options to optimize their space. One great option to consider is to build UP.
Look up
585c759b-c71c-4efe-b085-9ece3681508dA mezzanine is an ideal, economical solution for increasing floor space and storage capacity.  Most warehouses are at least 20-30 feet tall.   With that, we can help you customize and create a mezzanine structure to turn this current unusable space in the air to a strong, engineered custom solution for their needs.
Our Steel Structures team members, Cindy & Teresa, are dedicated to helping you with your mezzanine and Steel Structure needs.
You can reach them at 817-546-8590 and 817-546-8546 or at their emails on the links above.

Help your Customers Save $8,000 Per Month

One of our Wine & Beer Distribution end users shared that they were able to save 12,000 sq feet and $8,000 monthly with the square feet they were able to reclaim with our Keg and Wine Flow products. 

At MHEDA we showcased our Keg Flow and Wine Bottle Flow Rack products and we were overwhelmed with the response.

What is our Keg Flow Product?

We have heard from distributors that there are a lot of options for full keg storage and pick/pull. What’s lacking are options for craft brew “sixer” kegs.
Recent data released from the Craft Brew Association shows that for the first time, craft brewers reached 11% volume share of the beer market. Craft breweries also grew in numbers – up 11% from 2013 to 2014.

At the same time, wine in keg form is rapidly increasing.
While distributors love these higher margin products, storage and pick and pack can be challenging.
That is why we created the Keg Flow Rack.


What is our Wine Bottle Flow Rack?

Distributors are looking for products to help them manage individual and higher value wine bottles and liquor.

Our Wine Bottle Flow Rack is a gravity fed system that works with your customers existing pallet racks.  The Bluff Rack can sit next to their existing cart and flow systems.

It is an easy insert with a built in slope so that the individual bottles naturally flow to the front for easy picking.

Looking to help your Distributors with these products?
Click here for the Keg Sell Sheet

Click here for the Wine Flow Sell Sheet

P.S. We have a new product for this market coming out in the next few months. We can’t wait to share it with you. If you have a Beer and Wine Distributor customer let us know & we can work with you….



Source:  Watson, B. (2015, March 16). Brewers Association.”Craft Brewing Growth By the Numbers.”

Bluff Starts You Rolling with a New Partnership


Proper ladder selection is a key component in work place safety.

To avoid dangerous accidents, you need to properly select the most appropriate ladder and platform system.

To meet those needs, Bluff has partnered with Tri-Arc, a leading manufacturer of ladders and systems since 1960.

For years, Bluff customers have requested rolling ladders to complement the company’s lines of high quality dock, warehouse, and safety equipment. Now, Bluff’s material handling distributors will have access to Tri-Arc products.

“Tri-Arc products are a tremendous fit with Bluff because of their commitment to quality, flexibility, engineered solutions and great lead times.” says Andrea Curreri, President of Bluff Manufacturing. “Tri-Arc products are the best in the industry and like Bluff, manufactures in the USA.”

Tri-Arc’s Vice President and President of the American Ladder Institute, Ron Schwartz adds “We are excited to expand our reach with this relationship with Bluff Manufacturing and to provide solutions to meet their customer’s safety, OSHA compliance, productivity and ergonomic needs in the areas of access and fall protection.”

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, with over 50 years experience, Tri-Arc is one of the largest manufacturers of custom ladders, standard ladders and access solutions for a variety of industries including aviation, transportation and industrial applications. Tri-Arc has been recognized as a leader in providing the best of the best in climbing and access products including mobile ladders, work platform products, custom designed and engineered climbing and access product solutions. Tri-Arc products adhere to OSHA and ANSI codes and standards as well as other applicable codes. To learn more about Tri-Arc visit

Wine and Keg Flow Racks Speed Up Handling of Kegs


Your business moves quickly. You are responsive to the changing environment. You are always on the look out for ways to improve efficiency Learn how wine and keg flow racks help you do that and increase your profitability.

The proliferation of craft beer SKU’s has everyone looking to gain an edge in storage and delivery. .

Bluff manufacturing has developed a product, in conjunction with Favorite Brands Distributing, to save time and money for storing craft kegs, wine kegs and single bottles of wine.

Keg flow racks are simple in design, but effective.

Here’s how they work:

The keg flow rack inserts into the existing pallet rack. In distances less than 60”deep front loading can be used.

With Bluff’s system, you get more pick faces and storage density than any other currently available method of storing kegs.

What’s nice is that the design of this system can be customized to work with your current rack system. Depths for most systems typically range from 42-120 inches, which means they work in just about any size of keg vault.

And to top it off, it’s simple to install. You don’t have to weld or bolt the keg flow racks or wine bottle racks. They are also maintenance free.

What Could Your Warehouse Do with More Space?

Think about the state of your warehouse right now. Do you have room to grow and offer more SKU’s? Are the aisleways safe? Can you be more profitable by rearranging your keg and wine storage?

New: Wine Bottle Racks

Another source of inefficiency and loss is broken or damaged wine bottles in cases that have been opened. Well, now there’s a solution in our wine bottle flow racks.

These racks store individual bottles safely.

The wine bottle rack prevents tipping and breakage to bottles, protects labels and creates efficiency in picking

Introduce your beer and wine distributors to Bluff’s craft keg, wine keg and wine bottle solutions and they’ll thank you for solving one of their greatest challenges.