Bluff Manufacturing’s Distributors Portal is now open for business!

Sometime in August, we blogged about the importance of having a personalized online account in e-commerce sales and we tried to drop a few hints about a wonderful online resource we were building for our distributors. Well, without much further ado, let me present Phase I of Bluff Manufacturing’s Distributor’s Portal.

This will be your gateway into a unique user experience and will make your online searches and purchases much easier and much more sophisticated. Our inspiration as always, came from you. A recent survey we conducted showed that you would like very much to have your own unique shopping experience with us. Product literature, sell sheets, videos, special distributor pricing and inventory searches made easy – all available only through our Distributor’s Portal.

So, what are some of the changes and enhancements you can expect from us?

Channel Partner Prioritization: As a valued Bluff Manufacturing channel partner, you will be able to register online with us giving you access to search our inventory and to look up product pricing and dealer discounts.

Customized Shopping Experience: Your unique sign-in will give us important data about your searches, which helps us customize your pages to your specific requirements. The advantages you receive as a valued partner will be akin to that of a personal buyer or salesperson giving you personalized service with your online shopping.

These easy steps should help you get set up:

  1. Visit and click on the “Resources” tab at the top of the page.
  2. On the bottom right-hand side of the page, click on the big grey diamond deck button titled “Distributor Resources.”
  3. In the Distributor Resources page, click on any of the light grey rectangles to access the Login Form.
  4. Click on “Create Account” and use your current Bluff Customer Number  (found on invoices or by contacting to complete the short form.

Your login information will be automatically emailed to you, which you can then use to access the portal. Through this portal, you will have access to great sales tools, marketing literature and special product pricing. So, if you haven’t registered with us already, go to and get started! We’re always looking for more ways to offer our channel partners resources that will enable and assist them in selling Bluff products.

We have more goodies on the way! In addition to more training tools and videos, we are also going to develop affiliated customer pages within the portal as part of our e-commerce expansion.  This will provide your customers their own unique pages that will allow them to view products and order online through you on our website. Automating some of the administrative functions or moving them online will leave you with more time for customer relationship management and problem solving. Happy Selling!


One down side to having a great product like the Bluff EZ-Pull Edge of Dock Leveler is that it is difficult to improve it. Well, difficult or not we have done just that. Welcome the new and improved GEN VI Edge of Dock Leveler.

The design objectives were;

  • Improve competitive stance in the marketplace
  • Improve unit durability
  • Improve roll-over operator comfort
  • Improve bumper design
  • Eliminate installation errors

Bluff GEN VI Edge of Dock Leveler

The good news all objectives were met and the Gen VI is currently being shipped by Bluff Manufacturing and Bluff Warehousing. The people installing the unit will quickly see the advantages; from the lifting ring that makes initial positioning a snap to the improved bumper which makes incorrect positioning impossible. The customer will get the more durable product and smoother ride the flat center section offers. You as dealers will have a superior product to offer…feature rich and at the right price.

If you have not talked to your Bluff representative about the GEN VI Leveler call today. We have something special and we are excited about it.


As the Southeast Territory Manager for Bluff Manufacturing, I have many assets to call on when I am providing an answer to a problem for one of my dealers. One of the assets that all Bluff Dealers know about is our inside Sales Department. Their professionalism and knowledge of product is unmatched in our industry.

Another asset that both the inside sales and myself draw on is our Engineering Department. At Bluff Manufacturing we are blessed with engineering and design people that are able to think “outside the box” or in our case “outside the dock”. They use the latest technology available such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to provide our Dealers with superior quality, affordable cost and quick delivery times and most importantly answers to the most unique situations that their customers may face.

The ability to provide our Dealers with cost effective and high quality answers for special dock or warehouse applications is one of the reasons Bluff Manufacturing can say “service you can stand on.”


SKU’s, SKU’s and more SKU’s! Everywhere all kinds of distributors are faced with the challenge of handling a product offering inclusive of often ten fold the number of stock keeping units (SKU’s) they managed just a few years ago. SKU counts will more than likely continue to grow. In most cases distributors are handling all those SKU’s in a facility that was already taxed prior to the current onslaught of SKU proliferation. Beware, SKU’s have huge appetites!

Huge appetites? What do they eat? Time! We all know time is money, lots of money.
Take a look at a representative distributor. Today 381 SKU’s, just a few short years ago -83. That increase has a major impact throughout the business. Let’s just look at the effect on material handling:

  • Many more inbound shipments as breadth replaces depth and floor space usually remains a constant…….. Happens even if overall volume stays the same
  • More staging required prior to stock placements
  • 198 more stock locations required
  • 198 more placements needed when replenishing
  • 198 more picking locations
  • More outbound shipments as breadth puts pressure on achieving fill rates
  • More staging prior to loading required
  • High velocity, low volume SKU’ become the norm, not the exception

Dealing with all this makes safe, productive material handling an even greater challenge!

Here at Bluff we have solutions to help manage SKU proliferation that are economical and readily available:

SKU proliferation may be the biggest challenge distributors have faced in decades. No need to be SKU’d up. Bluff has solutions and the team to help!

New Product from Bluff Makes Forklift Driver Safer – Press Release

Bluff Speedy BoardBluff Manufacturing of Fort Worth, TX has modified it’s workhorse dock board….the “T” series to include the “Speedy Board” (SB). This simple no cost modification allows the forklift driver to move, set in place and retrieve the dock board without leaving the seat of the forklift.

This simple notch pattern on the leading edge of the board allows the driver to scoop the board and move it to or from the dock without the need to get off the equipment and move the lift loops or chains into place and then back off the truck to reverse the process.

A driver is most at risk when outside the relative safety of the protective cage of the forklift. There is also a time saving and, in high speed operations, the “Speedy Board” can make a difference in productivity.

The good news is that “Speedy Boards” like all Bluff Manufacturing boards and plates are ANSI certified. They are the only ANSI portable boards and plates on the market. Your employees deserve the best and it does not cost more.