Winter is Coming.

For much of the country, snow is in our rear view mirror. It can be hard to think about snow during 80 degree weather, but NOW is the time. Why? There are ways to alleviate snow issues by budgeting for projects now.
Why think about Snow?
For your customers with multiple trucks snow is an ongoing concern during wintertime. Snow causes transportation issues including accumulation of snow on the top of fleet vehicles. This snow and ice can become shrapnel as it flies off the top of trucks causing accidents on the roadways. With each new incident, state and local sate governments create laws about snow removal from the top of vehicles. As of September of 2014, eleven US states had regulations that related to snow removal on the the top of vehicles. Each state has different rules and enforcement. This can be especially complicated for fleets that cross state boundaries.
States that have regulations that relate to snow on vehicles:
* Connecticut
* District of Columbia
* Delaware
* Indiana
* New Hampshire
* New Jersey
* Ohio
* Pennsylvania
* South Carolina
* West Virginia
* Wisconsin
Massachusetts and New York have pending laws. For the list of all of the laws and citations from the American Trucking Association, see this link.
We have heard for years that this snow removal is challenging. That is why we developed and introduced the Durasweeper® , designed to take snow and debris off the top of a vehicle roof before it gets on the road. It protects the driver from harm in removing the snow and it clears the snow without damaging the trailer.
Check out this video to see the Duraweeper® in action.
Do you have a customer with a fleet that regularly travels to the states listed above? Give us a call to get more information on the Durasweeper® . For more detailed information see